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How Covid19 has Forced Businesses to Embrace Digital Marketing?

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As soon as the internet was introduced in our lives, it instantly became an imperative part of our daily routines. The world suddenly became digital, so it’s natural that brands got acquainted with the trend and offered us everything we need online. However, there were several businesses and sectors that cherished the old school style and stayed offline.

But the outbreak of Covid19 has entirely shaken the economy. Businesses are struggling to survive and have turned to the online world. The pandemic has forced hundreds of offline businesses to switch to online market all around the world in a matter of weeks. This has definitely increased competition, but it is also the best time for brands to focus on building their online audience.

Why this is the Best Time to build Online Presence?

The pandemic has put a pause on people’s life. There is nothing to do, and people are spending more and more time on the internet. Brands have the opportunity to attract these people by feeding them their content and services. In fact, according to Forbes, the Coronavirus has placed a quarter of the population in the world under lockdown, surging internet hits by 50-70%.

That being said, now businesses need to cautiously come up with digital marketing strategies and find newer and sensitive ways of communicating during this time. Companies need to create content that is relevant to the current situation reflecting how it correlates with their products and services, without exploiting the circumstances by making false claims.

Conversion rate is pretty down in most industries right now, which will possibly remain the same until the Coronavirus pandemic is handled. The essential goods industry is the only sector that is seeing a high right now. People are also engaging with streaming content to get entertained and news channels to seek information that provided these mediums with a nice lift. However, some sectors like travel industry are witnessing a huge loss, that they are now offering discounts to increase traffic on their websites. This year is not about increasing profits but it’s about sustaining the business’s existence.

Digital Marketing after Covid19

The digital marketing industry has been dominating the economy ever since the start of lockdown which just demonstrates its hold. Digital marketing is the future. Everything is online, your data, my data, and the company’s data are all on a cloud, and its significance was felt during the lockdown when there was no other way of accessing crucial information.

Humanity has still a long battle left to win against Covid19, but one thing is for sure that most business will be switching to the digital world. It has offered a sense of security for businesses that they can survive no matter the situation.

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