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Effective Ways to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

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Social Media allow brands to reach more people across different devices more frequently compared to any other digital platform. It not only helps in connecting with the current customers but also invites a new audience to explore your products and services, who may turn into regular customers and increase your revenue. Social Media Marketing is a way to expand business and reach out to a bigger audience.

Choose the Social Media Platform based on your Brand Image

Understand your niche market and establish a brand image, and follow through with it in your marketing designs and sharing. Not all social networking platforms are going to be suitable for your brand, if you are an IT Company, and the same goes for lifestyle brands. You won’t see an Software Development Company dealing with technical matters advertising its services on Instagram or Pinterest, and similarly, you won’t find a fashion brand promoting their products on LinkedIn, because there targeted audience is not on that said platform.

This makes it important for companies to find their ideal target customers amongst the billions who spend time on different social media networks. Brands can generate potential leads and higher clicks if they promote content on networks where the audience interested in their products exists.

Random sharing or promotion of content across all platforms can portray a bad image of your brand and team, making you look like a ‘wannabe’.

Use Social Media to Manage Negative Reviews

Social Media Marketing can also be used to eradicate negative comments or accusation surrounding your brand, as it allows engagement. The networking can be used to resolve the issues experienced by unsatisfied customers.

And the positive reviews of the previous customers can be highlighted on the feed, to build a positive image. Modern customers often tag the brand and post about their experience if they enjoy the service on social media. You can share their posts to encourage engagement and build a relationship for the brand with customers, and slowly your customers will turn into your promoters.

Social Media Promotion

Social media has transformed the way marketing used to work, offering a better, eco-friendly alternative. Every click on your post has the potential of converting into a sale. Social media marketing allows direct linking to the website. This makes it easier for the customers to make an order; it has also improved user experience and satisfaction. To promote a business online, first, you need to create a presence by building a decent number of following. Add all your social media account links for Instagram, Facebook etc, on your website so your loyal customers can find you, helping you increase your following.

After building a following, try to expand more by collaborating with social media celebrities, who have an impressive following and also fit into your brand image. For instance, if your company produces fitness products, you can get in touch with a sportsperson, fitness blogger or workout enthusiast. You can send them some sample product like a yoga mat and they can post about it with an image informing their audience about your brand, bringing a chain of customers.

Facebook Promotion Tips

Everybody from your great aunt to your employees is on Facebook. It is the best way to build an online presence and tell people about your brand. It can be used for promoting even your television commercials using Facebook's powerful parameters for targeting. Use images while posting content as they receive more clicks. And keep the captions precise and crisp.

Brands often use it for increasing their brand’s awareness and user engagement that helps in Facebook follower growth. The networking site allows direct sharing of content or product redirecting traffic directly to your website via Facebook's News Feed and Ads.

Instagram Promotion Tips

Instagram, being an image dominated platform, is an amazing source for product marketing, this can include categories like fashion, interior, electronics, furniture or any other good. Because the focus of Instagram is on image sharing, businesses should ensure that they post quality images with high-resolution while maintaining an aesthetic theme on their main account. You can use your creativity and uniqueness on this platform freely, as image does not play a role in search.

People naturally tend to engage with appealing pictures. Use relevant (#) hashtags to increase the visibility of the post. Also add location and tag associated parties to reach geographical and collaborative following. But note that people will click on the post only if it’s appealing to them, so make sure to create designs that stand out.

Note: It is important you are consistent when it comes to posting and promotion for maintaining and increasing your following varied social networking platforms. Also, the search algorithm of these media sites is constantly changing with Google, so make sure that you are well acquainted with these changes, as your old strategies might not work anymore. So, constantly come up with new strategies and stay on track with the evolving digital world.

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