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How Brands’ adaptation to a Digital Eco-System can help the nation turn into “Atmanirbhar Bharat”?

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The Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi made a special announcement on May 12, 2020, dedicating an economic package of Rs 20 Lakh Crore (which is equivalent of the country’s 10% GDP) to help make the nation become independent against the severe competition in the world supply chain and for empowering poor, migrants and laborers who are adversely affected by COVID19. The PM wants to make every individual ‘Atmanirbhar’, independent in the country. He also talked about marketing local brands, which is the need of the hour.

Majority of local Indian brands don’t have websites; even if they have invested in it, they are not marketing it properly. Still a lot of companies don’t like the idea of work-from-home, which was the only way to operate during the lockdown. The main reason why our local industries stand so behind in the global supply chain is because of their lack of digital presence and marketing. The prime minister has encouraged these small scale businesses to make amends and move forward in this chain.

A lot of people criticized Mr. Modi for his decision on social media trending “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, stating how it felt to them that he was running away from the responsibilities. However, what else can we do in this time of crisis? It is every individual for themselves. We can only stop or prevent Coronavirus if everyone takes precautions. And the businesses can only if we come up with innovative ideas and put in extra effort in them.

What is the Current Situation of the Market?

The laborers and migrants have experienced the worst hit. This is mainly because of the businesses shutting down, that employees had to spend their savings, leaving them with no money or choice, forcing them to go back to their villages, because they didn’t have work.

This has caused a problem for industries, as the ones who are even currently open are short on workers. The pandemic has taken a toll on most businesses, small or big. What we need to focus on right now, is to make sure that our companies survive through these tough times.

The only smooth operating industry during the lockdowns and currently are operating remotely, because of their existing online engines. Some other brands have also evolved their services, to keep their business stay running in these rough times. One example of such a company is ‘Swiggy’, the online food delivery app, being low on food orders, started offering delivery of groceries and other essential goods to people. Several industries started producing sanitizers and masks instead of their core products. This type of quick-thinking and dynamic ability in business can really help them survive right now.

How an Online Presence can help your Brand stay relevant during Covid19?

Businesses already have loyal customers, who would want to buy their products even right now, but they can’t because they are scared to come outside, which is natural. If these companies had a website or app, their customers would have been to access, order their products and help the company generate revenue.

This is the best time to set up a website and use digital marketing tools to make sales. If you are short on capital, use “Atmanirbhar Bharat” scheme’s loan benefits. The digital ecosystem will also allows your employees to work and manage the sales digitally, and they will able to access and work with the information from anywhere via cloud. This will help in preventing the risk, allowing employees to work-from-home without any hassle.

Even if you have a pre-existing online presence but are unable to generate revenue because your industry is completely shut down, like Travel & Tourism, still post content at least on social media sites, so that your targeting customers don’t forget about your name.

How to Use online platforms to make money by blogging etc?

Covid19 despite causing turbulence in the market has increased internet consumption around the world. Use this to your advantage and build an online following.

Take advantage of your talents and use online platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Blogger, WordPress etc, to make money. You can start your channel or blog on your own without hiring a team or investing in capital, which will definitely help you become “Atmanirbhar”.

You can make your content based on your preference and use Google tools to expand your audience, and after getting a decent following you can turn on AdSense to generate money from your content. You can contact brands to collaborate and earn advertising deals, as well. Use these platforms and make money while doing what you love.


People all around the world are struggling with finances. We can only hope that the pandemic ends soon, without causing any more harm. However, while doing so, you can take measures by being innovative to create a new business or take your existing one online.

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