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How to Effectively Use SEO for Google Ranking?

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Have you ever wondered how Google generates results by just searching the words that you insert in its search bar? Well, Google works on an algorithm which comes with a set of rules to determine the quality of content posted online. Based on this it sets the visibility of these posts ranking some above others. Thankfully there are several ways of manipulating this system. One of such strategy is SEO (search engine optimization), which use words (keywords) in your content based on the words that are being searched by the users. Later brands add these words to their content to increase their visibility in the Google search results.

Here are a couple of SEO tricks that will come in handy for you:

1. Regular Posting

Content plays an important role in your ranking as well as your traffic ratio. Try to create unique, fresh and shareable content regularly for your users. What’s the point of creating a blog if you don’t plan on posting regularly on it?

2. Add Share Buttons

If you want to build a brand across all platforms online then it is important that you make it convenient for your users to spread your content by sharing a search button.

3. Optimize your Website & Google Page

Most online businesses seem to ignore this step when it can potentially help them in increasing their sales. Optimizing helps your brand to show up in your Google local search and Google Maps providing your contact information and location to your customers.

4. Use Geo-Specific Keyword

This helps you in targeting localities by using geo-targeted keywords for bringing customers who can actually visit your shop instead of randomly targeting a global audience. Make sure to add these keywords to your website, including social media copies etc., to get the best results.

5. Social Media Sharing

You could be making the most engaging and unique content, but if nobody is reading it then it’s worthless. So make sure to regularly share your blogs on different social media platforms with a call-to-action so they are able to access your website or your products.

6. Re-sharing

If some of your blogs are getting a better response, then don’t shy away from re-sharing. However, make sure to do it within a gap of at least a few days.


These are some of the basic SEO tips, you can easily use to advertise your brand, if you concentrate on making your content as visible as possible on the search engines.

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