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Social Media Marketing Hacks all Bloggers Swear By

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Social Media platforms were first developed for connecting people virtually. But today, they have turned into an industry which is used a marketing space flooding with advertisements, brands, and influencers. Everyone is advertising their content on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram be it restaurants, fashion brands, service providers or cooperate housings. Brands can increase the flow of traffic on their website as well as gain potential customers and orders from social media.

Here are some tips that can help brands use the full potential of social media marketing while promoting their brand online.

1. Regular Posting

When it comes to attracting traffic and maintaining an audience, consistency is the key. Posting regularly is the most important and basic rule of building a social media account. It is also important to stay relevant and post content based on the trends, to boost engagement. Posting regularly can help attract more users on a daily basis. You can share an image, video, blogs or even re-share old content on your account.

2. Think Twice before Responding to Comments

You don’t want to start drama with your online audience, cause they can be your potential customers. Always think twice and respond to online hate, criticism in a rational manner. Social Media gives users the liberty to speak freely without any censor. It is likely that some customers will leave negative comments criticizing your brand. Instead of taking it personally, you can assist them and try to satisfy them by solving the problem.

3. Use Influencers

Social media influencers are people with a lot following on social media, you can hire them for your product promotion. Several brands practice this technique, as it is the easiest way to reach out to a bigger audience. Social Media has become an essential part of users’ daily life that it has turned anyone with a decent following into a celebrity, ‘An Influencer’. Use these influencers to your brand’s advantage.

4. Use Hashtags

Don’t shy away from using hashtags while posting your content online, however, ensure that they are used in limit and according to the relevancy. Overusing hashtags that don’t relate to the image or the blog posted by you may make your brand look bad. Search for top hashtags according to their popularity & engagement rate. Make sure to create a new hashtag for your brand name, so that it can be used by happy customers to showcase their support for the brand.

5. Visual

Image sharing is the essence of Social Media so ensure to add images even while sharing your blogs, as pictures receive more engagement in comparison to words online. Also, ensure that the pictures used by you are of high resolution. Set a proper standard for the image quality of images while posting.

6. Create Employees Agreements

Since the employees of your company will be managing all the social media channels, it is important that you make agreements that secure the reputation and the private information of your brand. You can also utilize your employees by turning them into the brand’s followers and promoters. They can choose to share the brand’s content on their personal social media pages to spread awareness and attract more followers.

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