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The Covid19 Switch: How Offline Businesses turned Online?

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There is no denying the fact that we are currently living in rough times. Several local businesses have come to the verge of shutting down during lockdown, encouraging many to take online marketing seriously, as it is the only operating means of sales right now.

However, the sad part is that numerous of these brands have great products and services but lack proper branding and online presence. This prevents them from attracting traffic, making conversions and generating revenue. Often brands make the mistake of presenting themselves so uniquely to stand out that they don’t rank in common searches related to their niche market.

And that’s what happened in the majority of cases, as businesses who were not on or were partially active on the interest, started investing in digital marketing, promoting products on social media without a defined strategy causing them to lose more money.

Market’s Current Condition

The market is likely to stay low, but with the right strategies, you can generate decent revenues that can keep your company running. However, digital marketing experts suggest that brands use this time on building effective organic SEO enriched content that helps them pop-up on more Google searches while establishing a presence on social media platforms to gain a following that can be converted into customers in the future. The internet consumption is on its peak right now, making it the best time for investing in digital marketing. Small business can see this as an opportunity and put their effort and money in the right direction to speed up their growth.

It is, however, crucial that brands are crucial about their investments. While food, media & entertainment, medicine, and streaming sites are witnessing a high, travel industry is on its lowest ever. So, if you are a travel agency I won’t suggest investing in anything right now, just maintain the online following and hope that the Coronavirus passes soon.

As for your brand’s marketing, this is a confusing time for every sector, everything seems miscellaneous. But don’t be afraid because everyone is equally fearful right now. See this as an opportunity and work on your branding and organic content that you have been ignoring for months.

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