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What does going ‘Vocal for Local’ mean for Indian Business?

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Recently, in his speech, Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi expressed his desire to make ‘local companies global’, and also increase the nationwide demand of locally manufactured products. The digital industry of India will naturally benefit if more Indian businesses wanted to reach a wider audience. Digital marketing is the best cost-effective approach for local brands to reach out to a bigger audience and generate demand for their goods and services. He not only wants the citizens to consume domestic products and service, but he also wants us to promote them.

Experts suggest that this could bring back the logo ‘Made in India’ and make brands talk proudly about the local manufacturing nature of their products. Now that the Prime Minister is pushing forward this campaign, most businesses will be joining the wagon by promoting a ‘Local Theme’.

The ‘Vocal for Local’ also has the potential of turning into a movement and can change the way local brands used digital marketing for communication, as the campaign encourages them to establish themselves not only domestically, but also internationally by going from being local to global.

Why local Indian Brands struggle Online?

Part of the reason why local businesses in our country don’t experience massive success is due to their non-existing presence on the internet. Even if a business has a website, they lack promotion.

International brands put a lot of funding solely in marketing as they realize that a bigger reach will allow them to make more conversions. In this time of crisis when local businesses are forced to shut down in the country, the least we can do is unite and support them by buying their products.

First Step toward Digitalization: Partner with the right Digital Team

It is crucial for a local business to choose the right digital marketing agency. There are countless web development and marketing service providers in the country, which makes locating good ones a complex task. Explore your options; compare their clients, projects and the results they delivered.

It is important for the growth of local businesses that they help each other in finding the right talent. Find digital teams that can help you engage with local audiences, while building strategies that put state demographic into consideration, because of the use of different languages, traditions, behaviors, and so on, among the targeted audience.

The talent, as well as the execution of digital promotion, will determine the success of ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign. Indian digital agencies will naturally be able to execute the ‘Go Local’ campaign better than global agencies as they are familiar with the local audience and know their preferences better. Also, in terms of working style and budget spending, local digital marketing service providers will be preferred.

Several local brands already have a website with decent traffic redirected from social networking sites. In the last decade, Indian brands have seen this switch. ‘Go Local’ campaign will just boost the speed of this change, making the majority of brands to enter the digital market.

What local businesses might experience during this transformation?

Adding social media campaigns Ads of brands that pop-up directly in front of the customers, bombarding them with messages of ORDER NOW or BUY NOW is a very expensive and time-consuming way to utilize digital marketing.

Several brands invest in a campaign without much thought, especially when they are starting off. This result in them complaining about digital marketing being expensive, as such non-researched campaigns often don’t have a positive influence on any business and don’t bring great returns.

The objective of any digital marketing campaign should be focused on cultivating associations with the audience as opposed to simply demonstrating arbitrary posts. Engagement is also important, so make sure to respond and interact with all comments and messages on all network sites and platforms. This helps in building trust in the customers.

We are all aware that India is considered to be amongst the largest market of consumers on the planet. We likewise realize that it is an exceptionally unpredictable and dynamic market. It is crucial for local producers to comprehend this reality about India and market their goods according to the preferences of local customers.

The digital communication and advertising strategies should be focused on the brand and tailored to make more sales. One strategy for the promotion of all products will fail in India. Domestic brands should have some character and simultaneously should be approachable.

Simply distributing a post won't build any worth. Selling goods on social media platforms is also very hard. The algorithm is constantly changing, and one needs to be steady. For instance, running a campaign on 'Support Local Brands’ on Instagram, and creating content around it may give the page some lift right now. Put resources into generating local information by employing individuals locally and be aware of the variables that can affect customer inclinations. With the right agency you won’t even feel any discomfort, so choose wisely.

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