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Local Businesses are logging-in online after Indian PM’s ‘Vocal for Local’ Campaign! 

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We can fight against Corona together as a country, by supporting each other’s businesses. The whole country seems to be in favor of the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign and supporting the initiative “Be Indian, Buy Indian”. This has motivated local business owners to log in to the digital marketing tools to create an online presence for themselves. Local brands are making the online switch to save their business during the pandemic.  

India is the world’s biggest consumer market. This opens opportunities for local businesses to export their products in other states and expand their business by setting up a portal online
Like any market, Indian bazaar is not only complex but its consumers have diverse needs. We also know that it is a very complex and dynamic market. This makes it important for brands, to understand the technicalities of the online world. And also understand and locate the market for their services and products

These local businesses can seek assistance from domestic digital marketing companies in India as they will able tailor better strategies for them as they are well acquainted with the Indian market, and have a clear idea about what people of India like. 

How Local Businesses can expand their business using Digital Marketing?

Brand Localization
Middle-class consumers are very loyal to their preferred brands. Make sure that your strategies focus on branding to attract locals. Consider making an announcement or doing a product launch using the help of social media influencers to broadcast your brand’s arrival in the market. Hiring social media influencers with genuine following and relevancy with your brand for your product launch can give the product an instant boost in comparison to paid video or paid Instagram or Facebook ads.

Understand & locate your demographic

Locate your target audience. Study if your products and services are used in smaller or larger cities? Use local language, while communicating with the audience especially if they are from rural areas or smaller cites. You can also add a translator feature on the website. India is a diverse country with a lot of local languages. The rural market can be very big for essential food products, as it consists of approximately 700 million people. The rural market is not penetrated well with health, medicine and wellness products, including other consumer goods. This gives you ample opportunities to enter and grow here. 

Adapting to customer preferences

No, we don’t want you to completely change your services and products. But adapting to certain customer preferences and tastes can help make your product more popular that could lead to fast growth. 

The language

You should consider language and symbolism, and include it in your brand if you are setting its root right now. Try to use an Indian name and logo for your brand, to avoid confusion in the minds of customers, who are supporting the campaign and really want to invest in Indian business. Get proper advice from your lawyer before registering a name. Advertisement law is not extensively stringent in India; however, any bad move may lead to public outrage and can damage your brand image.

In the end, cost matters

Cost is an important factor for the consumers in India, especially in the time of the pandemic when they have limited resources. People may not mind spending more on high-status things, but commodities excluding that will only be purchased based on their cost. So, try to be cost-effective while manufacturing with compromising with the quality.
Do you want to turn your local business online, Contact Socially Unknown and let us help you reach every goal on your digital roadmap! 

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